Höcker Polytechnik take over Pipgras coating technology

Hilter/Hamburg, August 2014.

In future, HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK GmbH from Hilter in the Teutoburg Forest will be at their customers’ side as a full service partner for coating technology. HÖCKER will take over essential parts of the business areas of the Hamburg specialists Pipgras Lackieranlagen GmbH, and will continue to run them consistently as “Lackierkabinen System Pipgras” under the HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK GmbH umbrella.

Instead of Pipgras, it will be known in future as HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK GmbH – Niederlassung Nord (Subsidiary North). Both the premises and the team around Steffen Pipgras were taken over on the 1st August 2014. This means all the know how will be retained, and should even be extended further. HÖCKER’s experts’ more than 50 years experience in ventilation and filter units will now come together with the 50 years of experience of the Pipgras coating units specialists. Combining this widely diversified technical knowledge base opens up completely new possibilities for future projects.

With the “System Pipgras”, HÖCKER will now offer their customary level of service and performance in the surface technology area, which thousands of customers already know from their work in air purification and process waste disposal.

Coating units “System Pipgras”:

  • offer state of the art technology, whether it’s a simple spray booth or a complete solution for a large scale paint booth area
  • are fully integrated into HÖCKER’s worldwide sales and service network, which means they are also available worldwide
  • utilise all the development and production competencies of one of the leading filter and extraction unit manufacturers
  • can conform to ATEX, BetrSichV and VDMA 24365 as an option
  • operate energy efficiently
  • are highly regarded by well-known clients in many sectors

All HÖCKER staff are fully engaged with the “System Pipgras” for better surface quality and user-friendly coating technology.

And importantly for existing Pipgras customers: HÖCKER POLYTECHNIK GmbH – Subsidiary North is available for customers, with the usual contact partners. This ensures there will be no disruption to the maintenance and repair service for all Pipgras coating units already installed, and guarantees the unhindered professional supervision and handling of all current and future contracts.

With this in mind, Pipgras Lackieranlagen GmbH will continue to operate in 2015 at least, in order to handle current projects successfully, and to meet any obligations required.

About Pipgras GmbH:
Founded in 1958 in Hamburg, the company manufactures coating units for the trade and industry, and offers bespoke solutions for sectors such as furniture makers, the aerospace industry, rolling stock manufacture, automotive and marine engineering. From a simple spray booth to an individually planned large scale paint cabin with drying rooms and all the periphery - the coating specialist from Hamburg have an intelligent solution ready for every application.

Über HÖCKER Polytechnik:
HÖCKER Polytechnik GmbH are market leaders in extraction and filter units as well as pneumatic conveyors for the carton and corrugated fibreboard industry in Germany, and one of the leading European suppliers of briquetting presses and deduster units and devices for almost every manufacturing sector. Surface technology has been part of our range of services for a number of years. Founded in 1962, the company has built more than 50,000 units worldwide over the past 50 years.

HÖCKER Polytechnik are always developing their technology even further. Based on more than 50 years of research and development, they make units which win over customers with their maximum efficiency, operating safety and reliability. HÖCKER units bring together sensible innovations and renowned standards of construction.



Niederlassung Nord
Steffen Pipgras
Adlerhorst 17
22459 Hamburg

Fon + 49 (0)40 554911 -0
Fax + 49 (0)40 554911 -30

E-Mail: info@hpt.net
Web: www.hoecker-polytechnik.de


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